We are a team of technology experts, data analysts and cartographers operating in a global market and servicing a broad spectrum of customers:

>> Business of All Sizes

We create custom maps, compile spatial data and develop online tools for business of all sizes.

Our data and tools improve efficiency of sales and operations, effectiveness of planning and marketing activities, and ultimately - profitability the business.

Read more about our products and services, and how to make the best of spatial data and technologies, on our blog: All-Things-Spatial.

>> Webmasters

We provide a range apps and widgets as free content for third party websites.

>> Graphic Designers

We supply maps and spatial data for publications and media companies.

>> General Public

We publish free Maps of Australia and location specific information.


This site utilises a number of free, third party services and although our free online applications are intended to be operational 24/7, occasional disruptions can occur. As operators of aus-emaps.com site, we give no warranties as to fitness for any purpose or continuity of availability of any resources, applications and services since we have no control over performance of services and/or content provided by others. See our terms of use for further details.

We offer: data - information - tools - solutions. For a comptitive edge - when cost counts.