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Map Navigation:

  • To move the map: position your mouse over the map, then press left mouse button and drag the mouse; alternatively, click directional arrows in the top left corner
  • To center the map on a point: double click with the left mouse button on the desired point
  • To zoom in/out: click "+" or "-" icons on the vertical slider bar


  • Marker on the map indicates searched location: click it to display additional information
  • To restore initial map view: click the icon positioned between directional arrows (top left corner)
  • Satellite map has more zoom levels than street map: you can zoom closer on the image map
  • To bookmark specific location on the map or link to this map from external website, email or other document: click "Link" button under the map and copy URL address. Visit "Free Maps" page to find out how to make the most of this functionality.
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