- online map of Australia

Manual Geocoder Service


Step 1: Finding town, suburb or specific address

- click here to launch geocoder (move the window to side as required)

- locate search input field at the bottom of the map

- type in suburb/ location name or full address and click "Find" to execute search (eg. 113 Monaro Crescent, Red Hill, ACT, Australia. Important - include country!)

Step 2: Navigating to specific location/ point of interest

- zoom to location (use vertical zoom control on the left or, numbered zoom options at the bottom, or + / - icons)

- move map as required (click the map with left mouse button, hold-and-drag)

Step 3: Identifying point coordinates

- click map once to mark location

- switch map to "Satellite" mode to preview

- adjust location of the marker as required: click marker to remore or click in new location

Step 4: Copying coordinates

- click "Copy coordinates" link to open new page

- follow instructions on the page to copy coordinates

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