Bushfire Watch Help

Fire hotstpot information courtesy of Sentinel and FIRMS

hotspots legend

Map Navigation:

# To move the map: click the map with left mouse button, hold-and-drag

# To centre the map on a point: double-click with left mouse button on the desired point of your map

# To zoom in/out: click either + or - icons, vertical zoom bar or numbers at the bottom of the map

Map Options:

# Satellite map: good coverage of capital cities but only low-resolution images for rural and remote areas

# Topographic map: 1:5M and 1:250K topographic maps, courtesy of Geoscience Australia

# Road map: detailed coverage of Australia

Searching for locations:

# Type in suburb, post code, locality or full address in the search box, then click "Find"

# hint: add State and "Australia" for a more precise search (eg. NSW, Australia)